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$2000 Creator Competition

Make the best tour and win!


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$1000 USD
$500 USD
$250 USD
$150 USD
$100 USD






Evaluation Criteria

The tours will be evaluated on the following criteria. 

  1. Topic quality and narration
  2. Video and audio quality
  3. Tour rating
  4. Number of views

Sign up and Create!


  1. Competition dates start on Oct 15th and end on Dec 31st. 
  2. You can submit as many separate tours you want.
  3. No explicit or illegal content may be submitted.  
  4. Video content must be recorded with a 360 camera. 
  5. Must use an email that is registered with paypal. 
  6. Winners will be announced 30 days after the competition closes. Payment will be delivered within 60 days.
  7. Tours that do not meet a minimum quality bar will not be accepted into the compeition. 
  8. Must created at least one recorded tour and must host at least one live tour.
  9. Must have full rights to the tour content you submit.
  10. A creator can only win one prize. 


  1. Must be 13 years or older to enter. 
  2. Must have a paypal account that can recieve payment.